Summit Agenda

November, 30

11:00 — 11:20 (CET). Open Ceremony. Invitations.

  • Alessandro Annoni – President of the ISDE
  • Yuri BaturinCorresponding member of RAS, astronaut
  • Eugene Eremchenko — Head of Local Organising Committee

11:20 — 12:10 (CET). Session 1. Digital Earth 2030: what is new?

Keynote Speakers:

12:10 — 12:40 (CET). Round Table Discussion and Q&A

12:40 — 13:20 (CET). Session 2. Digital Governance and Ethics

Keynote Speakers:

13:20 — 14:00 (CET). Round Table Discussion and Q&A


December, 1

16:00 — 17:00 (CET). Session 3. Digital Earth and Citizen Engagement

Keynote Speakers:

  • Scene setting (Luis Perez-Mora)
  • Introduction and framing of the session (Sven Schade)
  • The Declaration on Citizen Science for the Sustainable Development Goals (Jörn Knobloch)
  • Reflections on Citizen Science and Earth Observation (Steffen Fritz)
  • Taking a step beyond, from data gathering and analysis to co-design (Mel Woods)

17:00 — 17:30 (CET). Round Table Discussion and Q&A

17:30 — 18:30 (CET). Session 4. Digital Earth: Education and Capacity Building



  • Resiliency in Global GIScience Education (Justine Blanford)
  • Geospatial education on the cloud – the sky’s the limit (Geri Miller)
  • Distance vs. residential education online: what difference does it make? (John Wilson)
  • Open frameworks in geospatial education (Victoria Rautenbach)

Video contribution (watch independently):

18:30 — 19:00 (CET). Round Table Discussion and Q&A


December, 2

11:00 — 12:20 (CET). Session 5. Relevance of Digital Earth to support UN SDGs by 2030. Panel Discussion



12:20 — 13:10 (CET). Session 6. Digital Earth and State Audit


Keynote Speakers:

  • Scale-Independed Audit (Sergei Shakhrai)
  • Auto-audit of Digital Earth (Yuri Baturin)


  • Features of Legal Regulation of Big Data in the context of the development of the Digital Earth (Sona De Apro)
  • Geoinformation System as a Controlling Tool for External State Audit Bodies (Anna Zueva)
  • Automotive Digital Earth: Big Data, Insurance and Delictology (Nikita Nosov)
  • Digital Earth as a support environment and electronic code of laws as a tool for state decision-making (Andrey Morozov)
  • Application of 3D documents in the Land Cadastre: Problems of Legal Regulation (Maria Zaharova)

13:10- 13:30 (CET). Round Table Discussion and Q&A

13:30- 14:00 (CET). Closing Discussion.



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