Philippe de Maeyer

Philippe is holder of a Master degree in Geography, a Postgraduate Diploma in Geology and Marine Applications, different certificates in Applied Geophysics, a Doctorate in Sciences (PhD), and a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Economy. After a stay as assistant professor overseas (University of Constantine, Algeria) went back to Ghent University as a professor in Cartography and GIS. He became head of the Department of Geography at Ghent University. Philippe is also visiting professor at the the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences and he is full member of the Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences (Belgium).
He is (co-)author of over 490 papers, from which more than 190 are published in journals referenced on the Web of Science. He is also scientific coordinator of different atlases. cartography his interests covers the historical aspects of cartography (map making and societal links, esp. in the 18th – 20th C.), map production issues and perception analysis.
He has been appointed as Permanent Secretary Elect of the Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences (Belgium).

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