Digital Earth and Citizen Engagement

Moderator:  Sven Schade

All our actions should contribute to the well-being of society, and in this context the engagement of citizen is increasingly recognized as a key ingredient for success. In the context of digital transformation and the ever evolving Digital Earth vision, this highly relevant because (1) it implements the requests for inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary; and (2) ensures that we put the people at the center of our activities. Without such an approach, we are at the risk to over-emphasize technocratic viewpoints and to ultimately develop solutions that are disconnected from real societal needs.

The International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE) is challenged with the question «How can Digital Earth empower people to improve social and planetary well-being?»

With this session, we will begin to approach this larger question starting with the already available framing: the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), and diving into the topic by focusing on particular forms of engagement: citizen science. The session features three speakers providing joint statements on the current situation, and a discussion on the way ahead – with a particular emphasize on Digital Earth, and what might be the most valuable interconnection with existing initiatives and added value of ISDE.

The results will be summarized in a short text on the Official Site of the ISDE.



Supported by Neogeography Group