22.10.2020. 8th Digital Earth Summit was presented at XXX GraphiCon 2020 conference

The 8th Digital Earth Summit 2020 was presented at the XXX annual international conference GraphiCon 2020, held in St. Petersburg (Russia) October 22-27, 2020, in a mixed mode.
For the fourth year in a row, the GraphiCon conferences have included a section «Digital Earth and Big Data». In 2020, a record number of reports were presented at the section — 14. Due to limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the section was held in a mixed mode. Presentations rooms were organised in two cities (St. Petersburg and Bryansk) and other speakers presented their work online.
The Digital Earth and Big Data session traditionally featured papers from different areas and different focus areas, but reflection on the current challenges of the Digital Earth concept was the central theme of the section, with around a quarter of all papers being dedicated to it.

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