03.11.2020. National remote sensing constellation «Kanopus-V» was awarded a prize by the Russian Government

Team of the Russian Space Systems Holding was awarded the 2020 Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology for their work on the creation and targeted application of the innovative space system for complex monitoring of emergency situations «Kanopus-V». Constellation of «Kanopus-V» constellation includes five satellites. One more remote sensing satellite of the same type, Belorussian BKA, is deployed on the same orbit.
As Neogeography.ru informed, the satellites of the «Kanopus-V» family with 2 m resolution have become the main «working horses» of the Russian decision support system and are distinguished by their unsurpassed reliability and stability, as well as by their record-breaking performance — at the moment the satellites together have worked without any comments for a quarter of a century, no one left the group before the end of the SAS due to technical reasons, and the actually confirmed period of active existence is already one and a half times longer than the calculated period.


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