Due to the extraordinary situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Digital Earth Summit will be held online for the first time in ISDE history. It will be held in the form of thematic sections dedicated to current issues in the development of the Digital Earth, Keynote Speakers’ presentations and thematic discussions. Participation in the Summit is free of charge, attendees should register in advance on the website; the number of online participants is limited. Two types of content must be presented:

  • video of the presentation;
  • poster (optional).

Both types of material will be placed in an open ISDE online depository, and video will also be available on the ISDE channel on YouTube. The materials will be available before the Summit and will also be available in the future.

Requirements for materials


Video should be no longer than 10 minutes (approx. from 1 — 10 min) and may include a video report, slide demonstrations or any kind of visually precepted multimedia content. All information — both audio and visual — must be presented in or duplicated in English. We strongly recommend that you upload video at a resolution no lower than Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) and frame rate no lower than 24/s, be uploaded to YouTube and sent to the Organising Committee as hyperlinks with titles, authors, abstract (up to 500 words) and keywords (up to 7 keywords). For attendees from the countires where the YouTube online service is unavailable, video in MP4 (or other widely recognised formats like .MOV format) may be sent to the Organising Committee through the open file sharing service. All contributions will be accessible globally on ISDE multimedia depository under the Open Access License.


The posters should be made as A1 PDF files in portrait orientation (594x841mm) and contain static multimedia content (texts, pictures, photographs) in English in font, colour and composition solutions that are optimal for perception with resolution 150 DPI or better. Posters must contain a well-read title, list of authors, abstract (up to 500 words), keywords (up to 7 keywords), metadata of correspondent authors (name, middle name, contact email of correspondent author).

Important date 

Contributions should be provided before November, 25, 2020.



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